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Brighton Fringe 2022
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Please Hold went to Brighton Fringe 2022! We performed at Rotunda Theatre: Bubble on the 17th and 18th of May at 9pm, with a night of comic horror, sex gags and feminist fun.

Please Hold is a devised, satirical comedy-horror show centred around a ready-to-please sex doll helpline.


A genius inventor, with a burning desire for love, is introduced when he conceives his own ideal, hyper-feminine and hyper-sexual sex machine: Precious. The inventor's fantasy shatters as his own creation quickly gains sentience and discovers her sexual independence. Their worlds collapse as their conflict of interest ends in a dangerous altercation.


With original songs and lots of sex gags, the show is underpinned by a critique of man's desire, and the objectification of women's bodies in our patriarchal, consumerist culture.​


Producer: Anna Hulm

Writers: Anna Hulm, Victoria Mazeris, Nickey van Tooren, Luke Rogers, Edd Pullen and Francesca Farquharson

Technician: Mel Gilbert



Marshall - Tarik Badwan

Precious - Victoria Mazeris

Honey - Nickey van Tooren

Ruby - Jade Radley

Cherry - Shannon Noble

Men - Luke Rogers

Produced by: A Company of Six

Twitter: @ACompanyOfSix1

Instagram: @acompanyofsix

Learn more about the show here.