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A Company of Six has been making theatre together since 2018. We are a group of BA Acting and BA Theatre graduates from The University of Chichester. Made up of four main members and a handful of cast members, we aim to make accessible theatre focussing on feminist themes, queer representation and all the other important issues we are concerned about in this day and age.

Main Members

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Anna Hulm


Anna is an actor and creative producer from Kent, currently living in South London whilst completing her MA at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts. When she’s not in the theatre, she’ll be dancing the night away or snuggled up watching Greys Anatomy. Although, the true key to her heart is a meal at Nando’s.

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Luke Rogers


 Luke is an actor, writer and theatre maker based in Essex, they are currently expanding on their solo show “Luke’s Autisorium Emporium” whilst continuing voiceover, screen and stage work. In their spare time Luke is an avid reader of all literature from plays to philosophy - just don’t get them started on politics.

Nickey van Tooren


As an actor and theatre-maker, Nickey is based in London. She is currently undertaking a new solo show, 'Tripping', and auditioning for stage and film roles. When asked where in the US she is from, then she's from Portland, Oregon. If you ask where she's actually from - and no, it's not America - then she's from The Netherlands but grew up in Dubai.

Victoria Mazeris


Born in Buenos Aires, raised in Stockholm and based in Brighton, Victoria is an actor and theatre-maker. Currently she is revisiting her solo show ‘La Quinceañera’ whilst auditioning for stage and film roles. Alternatively, when she is not on stage or screen she is being dramatic elsewhere. Other times, you can find her watching BTS dance practice videos.

Other Cast and Creatives
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Megan Smith


Digital Marketing Manager


Tarik Badwan


Cast member of 'Please Hold' (Brighton Fringe 2022).

Headshot Jade.jpeg


Cast member of 'Please Hold' (Brighton Fringe 2022).

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Shannon Noble


Cast member in 'Please Hold' (Tunbridge Wells Fringe 2021 and Brighton Fringe 2022).

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Edd Pullen


Creator, writer and cast member of 'Please Hold' (The Showroom and Tunbridge Wells Fringe 2021).



Creator, writer and cast member of 'Please Hold' (The Showroom).